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The most user-friendly laminating machine.

Main reasons reasons to choose a TAULER Smart B2:

  • Because it incorporates the TAULER_OIL system that improves lamination and reduces energy consumption
  • Because its quick adjustment of the film with the machine running
  • Because it incorporates the TAULER_SHAFT SYSTEM that facilitates the quick change of film
  • Because you can stamp toner prints with the TAULER_FOIL system.
  • Because it incorporates a silent compressor.
  • For its intuitive touch screen.
  • Because it incorporates a REVERSE MODE to correct possible errors
  • Because it incorporates non-stick rollers for easy use.
  • Because it incorporates TAULER_GO ON, an automatic starting

Advanced Specifications

  • Manual introduction and automatic registration.
  • Adjustable side bracket.
  • Temperature control by sensor.
  • Pneumatic pressure roller.
  • Easily adjustable decurling system.
  • Photocell that stops the machine in case of sheet failure.
  • Total control of the machine through a PLC.
  • Electronically adjustable speed
  • Microperforation cutting system and scissor roller

* According to film, external conditions, paper type, thickness and formats.

Technical details

  • Maximum sheet size: 450×690 mm
  • Minimum sheet size: 210×290 mm
  • Speed: 2 – 15 m / min *
  • Paper grammage: 130 to 400 gr / m2
  • Maximum pile height: 22 cm
  • Thickness of the film: 20 to 42 microns
  • Installed power: 4 Kw
  • Voltage; 230 v single phase 50 Hz
  • Safety: Protections according to CE norm,
    emergency stops and safety sensors.

Weights and dimensions

  • Maximum height: 147cm
  • Maximum width: 73cm
  • Maximum length*: 170cm
  • Weight: 600kg