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Folder Options AF-406 Series


Superior fold with extensive optional devices

Ultrasonic Sensor – The optional ultrasonic sensor can be used as the double feed detection sensor. This detects the space between sheets for accurate double feed detection..

Barcode Reader –High performance barcode reader, reads and compare the code to avoid error.

Water Scoring Unit – The water scoring unit applies the water (mixed with alcohol) along the fold line at the register table. This enables the fold edge to be tightly pressed to improve the fold accuracy and quality. The fold rollers on the folder are rust-proof.

Long Buckle Chute LB-40S – Various options such as the MKU-38 mobile knife unit and the T-564A automated buckle unit are available to handle a wide range of applications.


Name Model Description Factory Option 406F/FL 406S/SL
Ultrasonic Sensor SD-40S This detects the space between sheets for accurate double feed detection. No Standard Yes
Extension Table LT-40S The extension table allows to feed the sheet up to 900 mm/ 35.5″ long. No Yes Yes
Image Checker A camera scans the printed image to prevent human error such as mis-loading. No * *
Barcode Reader BR-40S The barcode detects the errors such as misplaced page or blank page. No Yes Yes
Long Buckle Chute LB-40S The maximum length of the fold is 430 mm/ 13.78″. Yes Yes Yes
Strip Trim Unit AF-ST4S Strip trimming in the parallel fold section can be performed using slitters for multiple-up jobs. No Yes Yes
Edge Trim Unit AF-ET4S The edge of parallel folded signature can be trimmed. No Yes Yes
Scoring Navigator SN-40S Enables easy scoring position adjustment. Yes Yes *
Alignment Detector AD-40S Alignment detection on resistor conveyor. No Yes Yes
Water Scoring Unit Water scoring to achieve tighter fold quality. No * *
Gate Fold Buckle GFB-40 Gate fold buckle to produce closed gate fold application. No Yes Yes
Reversing Buckle RB-40 Provide versatility in folding pattern and imposition by reversing the sheet direction. No Yes Yes
Interface Unit FABOX-40S Interface unit to connect T-406A with AF-406F/FL and AF-406S/SL No Yes Yes