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Perfect Binder BQ-280

Superior binding quality and efficient operation.

PUR Perfect Binding – High quality PUR binding is assured with dual application drums and separate EVA / PSA side glue application. Drum application enables production of one to one variable thickness books with maximum quality control.

Extended spine length – Maximum book size is 385 x 320 mm/ 15.15″ x 12.59″ and the maximum book thickness is 51 mm/2″.

Variable thickness production – Built in thickness caliper provides greater production effi ciency for instant changeover and variable thickness book production. The BQ-280PUR provides unsurpassed production effi ciency in a single clamp binder.

EVA Glue – Low temperature EVA glue (140 °C / 284 °F or below) can be used. The system can be used for both PUR and EVA with the same tank.


Model BQ-280PUR
Binding Mode Binding with milling, Binding without milling and Pad binding
Glue Type PUR glue / Low temperature EVA glue
Number of Clamps 1
Book Block Thickness 1 to 51 mmor 0.04” to 2.00”
Cover Weight Range Normal Paper 82 to 302 gsm / Coated Paper 105 to 349 gsm
Cycle Speed Max. 500 cycles per hour
* The cycle speed changes depending on the operator’s working time and the book thickness.