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Computerized Cross Folder

The AFC-74 series B1-format folder is the newest in Horizon’s expanding line-up of quality-engineered folders that combines simple operation, quick changeover, high production speed, and superior fold quality.

  • The folder is easy and intuitive to set-up, even without a skilled operator, thanks to the intelligent automation and user-friendly design.
  • A wide variety of fold patterns are automatically set by inputting the sheet size and selecting a fold pattern through the large color touchscreen.
  • 3 different types of feed units can be selected for various work environments: Flat Pile Feeder, Pallet Pile Feeder and Round Pile Feeder.
  • Fold rollers are constructed with a combination of steel and soft polyurethane for superior grip and sharp, consistent folding.
  • The folder can be enhanced with JDF workflow from upstream to the postpress using pXnet bindery control system.


Model AFC-746F
Machine Structure 6KTTL (6 Buckles + 1st Fold Knife + 2 Buckles below Knife* + 2nd Fold Knife) (*1 buckle is standard.)
Sheet Size (Width x Length) Flat Pile Feeder
Max. 738 x 1,100 mm/ 29.055” x 43.310” Min. 210 x 210 mm/ 8.270” x 8.270”
Pallet Pile Feeder
Max. 738 x 1,100 mm/ 29.055” x 43.310” Min. 210 x 297 mm/ 8.270” x 11.695”
Round Pile Feeder
Max. 738 x 1,300 mm/ 29.055” x 51.181” Min. 210 x 148 mm/ 8.270” x 5.827”
Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper 35 to 209 gsm
Art/Coated Paper 50 to 232 gsm
Belt Speed 30 to 240 meters (99 to 787 feet) per minute
Knife Fold 240 meters (787 feet) per minute