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Delivery Section AF-76 Series / AFC-74 Series / AFC-56 Series / AF-566T4F / AF-406 Series

Press Stacker PST-66 / PST-44 / PST-44L – Newly designed presser stacker enables the production of crisp tight folded signatures. Tightly folded signatures are produced with a 2 step pressing mechanism. The 1st step removes the air from the folded signature and the 2nd tightens the fold. The presser stacker can be operated from the folder for efficient operation. This system can also be used as a booklet press to produce tighter folded booklets.

SMobile Knife Fold Unit MKU-54T –The MKU-54T is a mobile knife unit equipped with fold plates below the knife. It is capable of a letter fold after 8-page cross fold.


Name Model Description
Press Stacker PST-66 Up to 660 mm/ 26” width sheets can be received. 1.2 tons of pressure can be applied for tighter fold quality.
Press Stacker PST-44 / PST-44L Up to 440 mm/ 17.3” width sheets can be received. Two models are available depending on space requirements.
Mobile Knife Fold Unit MKU-54T Mobile knife unit with buckle under the knife.
Mobile Knife Fold Unit MKU-38 Mobile knife unit for additional knife fold.
Connecting Conveyor MKU-CU Bridge conveyor between folder and MKU-38.
Press Stacker with Pile Delivery PSX-56 Tightly pressed signatures are stacked and delivered at a comfortable height.
Press Stacker with Pile Delivery PSX-56R Tightly pressed signatures are stacked and delivered at a comfortable height. The PSX-56R is for opposite delivery direction.
Delivery Conveyor LCV-76 Conveyor for the AF-762KLS / 762KL.
Hook Conveyor HCV-76 Conveyor for the AF-762KLS.
Long Conveyor LCV-54 1.3 m long conveyor supports the efficient production.
Short Conveyor SCV-54 The short conveyor is perfect for space-saving. Length of the Conveyor: 630 mm/ 24.8” (Minimum) to 860 mm/ 33.86” (Maximum).
Standing Delivery Unit ED-40S Standing delivery for easy handling and packaging.
Bridge Conveyor BG-56 Transfer conveyor between first station and second station.