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Delivery Section EF-354/354SR

Press Roller Unit PR-40S –Strong and rigid press roller presses the folded sheets to form crisp tight folds. The press stacker can be used with the standing delivery unit ED-40. Tight folded sheets minimize shipping costs by reducing packaging.

Cross Folder KTU-35 –The KTU-35 is equipped with perforation and scoring function. Suitable for direct mail folding. The folded signatures can be directly delivered on the conveyor or the ED-40S can be connected for the standing delivery.

Standing Delivery Unit ED-354 –This stacker has batch separation function. The small size signatures can be stacked vertically for easy handling. (Finished size: 20 to 105 mm)


Name Model Description Factory Option 406F/FL 406S/SL EFseries
Mobile Knife Unit KTU-40 Mobile knife unit with standing delivery. No Yes Yes No
Bypass Unit KTU-KB This unit is used as a bypass. (This is an optional device for the KTU-40.) No Yes Yes No
Parallel Fold Unit KTU-PL The parallel fold can be performed using the in-feed unit and stopper. (This is an optional device for the KTU-40.) No Yes Yes No
Press Roller Unit PR-40S High performance press roller ensures crisp tight folds. No Yes Yes No
Short Conveyor SCV-406 Space saving delivery conveyor. No * * No
Standing Delivery ED-40S Standing delivery unit improves the production efficiency for small sized signatures. No Yes Yes Yes
Cross Folder KTU-35 Cross knife unit with perforation and scoring function. No No No Yes
Standing Delivery Unit ED-354 Standing delivery unit. No No No Yes