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Buckle Unit T-564A / 566A

Complex folding patterns such as map fold, multiple zigzag fold… Maximize folding capabilities with additional buckle stations.

Additional folding station – Complicated fold patterns such as map folds or face up and face down 16 page signature folding can be achieved with this additional buckle station.

Interactive touch screen operation – Stand alone color touch screen enables set up of the folding buckle plates instantly with simple and intuitive operation.

Flexible confi guration – Different infeed height options are available to match a variety of folding systems and confi gurations (custom height modules are a factory option and cannot be retrofi t in the field).


Model T-564A / 566A
Machine Structure T-564A: 4 Buckles
T-566A: 6 Buckles
Sheet Size (Width x Length) Max. 558 x 558 mm/ 21.96” x 21.96” (Delivered sheet size from the upstream device)
Min. 50 x 128 mm/ 1.97” x 5.04” (Delivered sheet size from the upstream device)
Sheet Weight Range Undercoated Paper 35 to 209 gsm
Coated Paper 50 to 232 gsm
Belt Speed 30 to 240 meters per minute
99 to 787 feet per minute