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Air-Suction Collator VAC-1000

Horizon’s unique rotary suction feeding system operates effectively on a wide range of paper stocks. The VAC-1000 towers can also be placed in-line with Horizon booklet-making systems.

User-friendly operation by color touchscreen and wireless remote control –A large color touchscreen is icon-based for user-friendly operation. The graphical screen guides the user through all set-up procedures with ease. Frequently operated buttons are arranged on a wireless remote control, which is included as standard. The remote provides for collating speed adjustment and start/stop/jog operation, and lets you monitor the feeding or delivering condition.

Reliable sensing capability – High-power double feed detect sensor
High-intensity infrared LED’s are employed at each bin for double feed detection. These long-lasting LED’s save the time and cost of replacing individual lamps.


Model VAC-1000
Number of Bins 10 bins / 20 bins /  30 bins / 40 bins / 50 bins / 60 bins
Sheet Size Width x Length
Max. 350 x 500 mmor 13.77” x 19.68”
Min. 148 x 148 mmor 5.83” x 5.83”
Machine can collate the sheet of 120 mmor 4.73” width when option guide is attached.
Sheet Weight Range Coated Paper: 74 to 210 gsm or 20 to 55 lb
Normal Paper: 53 to 210 gsm or 14 to 55 lb
8-page fold signature: up to 105 gsm or 27 lb
Bin Pile Height Max. 55 mmor 2.16”
Sheet Overlap 4 Steps
Production Speed 10 bins
Max. 9,900 sets per hour (A5LEF, Straight Receiving)
Max. 8,900 sets per hour (A4LEF, Straight Receiving)
*Production speed is limited by the type of finisher or sheet weight.