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Air-Suction Collator VAC-600H

Horizon’s unique rotary suction feeding system operates effectively on a wide range of paper stocks. The VAC-600H towers can also be placed in-line with Horizon booklet-making systems.

User-friendly operation by color touchscreen and wireless remote control –A large color touchscreen is icon-based for user-friendly operation. The graphical screen guides the user through all set-up procedures with ease. Frequently operated buttons are arranged on a wireless remote control, which is included as standard. The remote provides for collating speed adjustment and start/stop/jog operation, and lets you monitor the feeding or delivering condition.

Image checking system IC2-V600(Option) – The VAC-600H can be equipped with an image checking camera. This checking system stores and checks the printed image of each page on each feed cycle to insure page order and integrity. The camera is housed in the transport section for space efficiency.


Model VAC-600H
Number of Bins 6 bins / 12 bins / 18 bins / 24 bins / 30 bins / 36 bins
Sheet Size Width x Length
Max. 350 x 500 mmor 13.77” x 19.68”
Min. 120 x 148 mmor 4.73” x 5.83”
Sheet Weight Range Coated Paper: 74 to 210 gsm or 20 to 55 lb
Normal Paper: 53 to 210 gsm or 14 to 55 lb
8-page fold signature: up to 105 gsm or 27 lb
Bin Pile Height Max. 130 mmor 5.11”
Sheet Overlap 4 Steps
Production Speed 6 bins
Max. 9,900 sets per hour (A5LEF, Straight Receiving)
Max. 9,600 sets per hour (A4LEF, Straight Receiving)
*Production speed is limited by the type of finisher or sheet weight.