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Bindery Control System pXnet

The Horizon pXnet Bindery Control System is used as a central control point to schedule work, send job data to each finisher, monitor status of finishers and collect production statistics from finishers in real-time. pXnet brings efficiency and value in high-mix/low-volume production environments where frequent job changeovers are needed. The pXnet system can also be interfaced with an existing workflow for automated JDF set-up.

Bindery managers will see work-in-progress in real-time, to make informed decisions on scheduling, staff planning, and equipment utilization. When pXnet is integrated upstream, this data is al

so visible to customer service, estimating, production planning, and management.

  •   pXnet uses a simple, graphical drag-and-drop system for job planning and scheduling that alerts you to potential missed deadlines, so you can balance the work or schedule additional shifts as needed.
  • All jobs are saved within pXnet, so you can easily recall recurring jobs for quick makereadies. You can also review previous jobs to answer questions or resolve problems.
  • pXnet identifies bindery bottlenecks and collects real-time shop floor data, providing accurate costing and pricing to improve your bottom line and streamline your business.
  • The pXnet system brings automation, efficiency, and accuracy to your production processes, with even greater gains when implementing a complete JDF workflow.