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Computer-aided Binding System CABS4000S/V

The space-efficient CABS4000S/V binder combines high-performance automation, simplicity of operation, superior productivity, and absolute quality control for short, medium and longer run lengths.

  • High productivity at 4,000 books per hour with in-line system from gathering to trimming.
  • Color touch screens provide easy, intuitive operation for fast, accurate changeovers and quick adjustments for production flexibility.
  • Equipped with interchangeable tank unit that allows binding with both EVA and PUR hotmelt.
  • Various book sizes can be bound in-line, from minimum size A6 to maximum size A4.
  • Off-line signature gathering is possible using the ST-600 stacker. Also, by installing the RU-600 misfeed unit the gatherer can operate non-stop.
  • Quality control image checking cameras, thickness detector, weight checker and other optional quality control features.
  • The Horizon bindery management system (pXnet) can also be added, for further to increase in efficiency and effectiveness of the binding process. The pXnet is ready to receive JDF data.


Model SB-09S/SF, SB-09V/VF
Book Block Size Spine Length x Fore-edge Length
Max. 330 x 250 mmor 12.9” x 9.8” Min. 148 x 105 mmor 5.9” x 4.2”
Max. 400 x 280 mmor 15.7” x 11.0” Min. 148 x 105 mmor 5.9” x 4.2”
Offline:Land Scape
Max. 330 x 320 mmor 12.9” x 12.5” Min. 135 x 185 mmor 5.4” x 7.3”
Book Thickness 1 to 45 mmor 0.04” to 1.77” (depending on conditions)
Production Speed Max. 4,000 books per hour