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Computer-aided Binding System CABS6000

The flagship CABS6000 binder provides intuitive operation, high performance automation, high productivity, high quality control to meet your most demanding requirements.

  • High productivity at 6,000 books per hour with in-line system from gathering to trimming.
  • Covers from short run to long run production challenges thanks to intuitive easy operation through the touch panel and fast, highly accurate change overs.
  • Equipped with interchangeable tank unit that allows both EVA and PUR hot melt to be used.
  • VVarious book sizes can be bound in-line, from minimum size A6 to maximum size B4.
  • Off-line signature gathering is possible using the ST-600 stacker. Also, by installing the RU-600 misfeed unit the gatherer can operate non-stop.
  • Quality control image checking cameras, thickness detector, weight checker, book block length detector, and other optional quality control features.
  • The Horizon JDF network system (pXnet) can also be added, for further to increase in effeciency and effectiveness of the binding process.


Model SB-17 / SB-17F
Book Block Size Spine Length x Fore-edge Length
Portrait Max. 385 x 275 mmor 15.157” x 10.826” Min. 148 x 105 mmor 5.827” x 4.134” (A6)
Land Scape
Max. 250 x 320 mmor 9.842” x 12.598” Min. 135 x 185 mm or 5.315” x 7.284” (B6)
Book Thickness 2 to 50 mmor 0.08” to 2”
Production Speed Max. 6,000 books per hour