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Storage capacity

The Storage capacity of NCD-7 will allow input of up to 500 processes per address and has space for a total of 10,000 addresses, thus enabling input of a maximum of five million processes. A list of addresses, automatic operation, format cutting , and self-diagnosis as well as instructions on how to operate the machine and the status of maintenance will be displayed.

TFT color LCD monitor and ten-key panel

NCD-7 has a 10.4-inch color liquid crystal display as standard equipment. This will enable users to operate the machine while looking at the large, bright color display. In addition, use of a touch panel will make it possible to operate the machine in various ways only by touching the display. Furthermore, the ten-key panel allows the user to input the data in increment of 0.1mm and 0.01mm.

High performance

If input are completed, NCD-7 will notify you by sound, enabling the operator to confirm with their own eyes and ears that inputs have been completed properly. In addition, the high-performance NCD-7 will enable data correction, insertion, format cutting, trim cutting, equal cutting, on-time cutting, repeated cutting, ten-key input, manual cutting adjustment, and automatic memorization. The machine operates in metric, shaku* and inch measurements and converts among three. Memorized data can be displayed again in any of the three measurements. * shaku is Japanese old style measurement unit.


NCD-7 is equipped with non-repeat method using a double-grip switch and the electronics safety beam using two-lamp transparent light-emitting diode photo tubes, as well as safety devices such as the emergency stop button and the device for preventing blades from going down twice. Further safety of cutting position check operation has been ensured using the soft clamp methods (as optional feature.)

High quality, high technology and superior management

NCD-7 has been manufactured using superior materials and precision processing technology. Much effort has been made to ensure customer satisfaction by using high-performance hydraulic units, electric and electronic components, and expert assembly technology as well as by implementation rigorous inspection and process control.