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Paper Cutter PC-450

With the cutting capacity of even A3 long-side width and maximum lift 70 mm/ 2.75”. Easy cutting operation by simply pressing the cutting buttons.

Accurate Cutting – The backgauge enables you to adjust the cutting length accurately by 0.5mm/ 0.019″.

Cutting line – The LED cutting line shows the actual cutting position. It allows the safe and smooth operation.

Safety – The PC-450 is activated only when the two cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed. The machine does not operate when the front cover is opened. Also, if either of two cutting buttons is released during the cutting operation, the machine stops immediately. There is also the cover on the back of the table for the maximum safety.

JDF Workflow – The system can be further enhanced with Horizon’s pXnet bindery control system which integrates JDF workflow from upstream devices.


Model PC-450
Cutting Width Max. 446 mmor 17.5”
Cutting Height Max. 70 mmor 2.75”
Cutting Depth Max. 450 mmor 17.7”
Min. 20 mmor 0.79”