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The friendly & full automatic B1 laminating machine

  • Incorporates the TAULER_OIL system that improves lamination and reduces energy consumption
  • Quick adjustment of the film with the machine running
  • Incorporates the TAULER_SHAFT SYSTEM that facilitates the quick change of film
  • Intuitive touch screen.
  • Incorporates a REVERSE MODE to correct possible errors
  • Incorporates TAULER_GO ON, an automatic starting system


  • Automatic feeding
  • Adjustable side bracket.
  • Temperature control by sensor.
  • Pneumatic pressure roller.
  • Easily adjustable decurling system.
  • Photocell that stops the machine in case of sheet failure.
  • Total control of the machine through a PLC.
  • Electronically adjustable speed
  • Microperforation cutting system and scissor roller
  • Optional stacker

* The cycle speed changes depending on the operator’s working time and the book thickness.

Technical details

Weights and dimensions

Maximum format: 750x1050mm Maximum length: 400cm
Minimum format: 200x250mm Maximum width: 125cm
Maximum mechanical speed*: 30m/min Maximum height: 170cm
Maximum production level: 4.000 sheets/h* Working height: 90cm
Paper grammage: de 130g/m2 hasta 450g/m2 Machine weight: 1.250Kg
Output stack height: 530mm
Pressure: Pneumatic
Electrical power installed: 9,2Kw
Power supply: 400 V three-phase 50 Hz

*According to film, external conditions, paper type, thickness and formats.