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Rotary Die-cut System

Improve your die cutting process!
Quick, easy change over and simple operation. Rotary Die-cut System allows flexibility across a wide range of products.

  • Rotary Die-cut System – Rotary Die-cutter designed to meet the growing demand for short run product. The rotary die-cutters are of rugged construction, yet compact compared to the normal die cutters.
  • Flexible substrate – Die-cut and Kiss-cut of various substrates for digital and offset printed sheets.
  • One pass processing – Feeding, die cutting, and separating are achieved in one pass.
  • Reduced die cost – Uniquely designed servo motor controlled “Repeat Register” feature allows multiple-up applications from a single-up die to minimize die cost.
  • Simple and easy operation – Reduces costly labor steps and increases productivity with easy setup and operation versus steel rule or mechanical dies.


Model RD-3346
Sheet Size (Before processing) Max. 330.2 x 550 mmor 13” x 21.650”
*L400 to 460 mmor 15.745” to 18.11”: The production speed is reduced to half.
*L460 to 550 mmor 18.11” to 21.650”: Repeat die cutting only.
Min. 170 x 275 mmor 6.690” x 10.830”
Processed Material Normal paper, Coated paper, Cardboard
Material Thickness 127.9 to 270 gsm
Max. 0.3 mmor 0.011”
Feeder Stack Height 150 mmor 5.90”
Die Size Upper Die Max. 330 x 460 mmor 12.99” x 18.11”
Min. 160 x 70 mmor 6.30” x 2.76”
Upper Cutting Blade Height 0.6 mmor 0.0236”
Production Speed Die cut roller 5,000 cycles per hour
(If the sheet length is longer than 400 mmor 15.75”, the number of processing sheet is limited to 2,500 sheets per hour. When the ST-3346 is connected, the number of processing sheet is limited to 2,500 sheets per hour.)