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Smart Stitching System StitchLiner6000 Digital

Maximum production speed is 6,000 booklets per hour (depending on application). An advanced interface maximizes the upstream system efficiencies.

  • High Quality –Scoring: Accurate sheet registration, scoring and folding. In-line plow fold mechanism eliminates unnecessary folding steps.
    –Stitching: The folded sets are jogged from the head and foot, then centered on the saddle by the centering mechanism before the heavy-duty stitching heads produce accurately stitched booklets.
    – Trimming: Precision automated knife positioning and in-feed provides for accurate booklet registration and three-knife trimming.
  • Variable Data Handling – Personalized and variable page count applications can be handled. The in-line confi guration insures sheet-to-sheet integrity.
  • Flexible Insertion –An intelligent cover feeder enables fl exible insertion of up to 5 sheets plus cover anywhere in the booklet.
  • Easy Operation – Easy and intuitive operation is achieved with touch screen control. No specialized operator skills are needed to set up and operate the system.


Model StitchLiner6000 Digital
Sheet Size Width x Length
Max. 500 x 350 mmor 19.68” x 13.77”
Min. 279.4 x 210 mmor 11.0” x 8.27”
Sheet Weight Range Normal Paper : 52 to 209 gsm
Coated Paper : 73 to 209 gsm
Stitch Thickness Max. 5 mmor 0.19” (Booklet thickness 10 mmor 0.39”) For loop stitching, Max. 3 mmor 0.11” of booklet thickness.
Min. Two Sheets (When doing center-cuts, the width is limited to half of the center-cut width.)
Finished Booklet Size Width x Length
Max. 340 x 230 mmor 13.38” x 9.05”
Min. 160 x 114.7 mmor 6.30” x 4.52”
Sheet Stack Height Max. 30 mmor 1.18” Sheets can be loaded while running.
Production Speed Max. 6,000 booklets per hour (A3, one block, up to 6 sheets)
Min. 2,400 booklets per hour (A3, 12 sheets, two block)